Exclusive: Waiting for the Results in the Legal Battle with ‘Friday the 13th’

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It’s been some time now since the battle began between writer Victor Miller and his former friend and director, Sean Cunningham. The courts have been heavily involved with the rights to the infamous film, Friday the 13th. Our favorite hockey mask serial killer was created to terrify fans but as of late, the only thing terrifying said fans is the battle that has ensued upon the horror community. It’s like we’re living in our own nightmare that we can’t wake up from.

Victor Miller took it upon himself to take Sean Cunningham (and his company, Horror Inc.), to court for the rights to the film. In court documents, it was stated that Miller gave up his rights almost 40 years ago. BUT because of certain points highlighted inside of the U.S. Copyright laws, it would allow Victor Miller (the original author), to revoke the copyright agreement. Now, this may or may not hurt fans in the long run, but Miller has admitted in the past that he refuses to watch the franchise films because HE IS NOT HAPPY over the fact that Jason Voorhees has become the killer and not his mother, Pamela Voorhees. During an interview, Miller stated that “He may or may not approve future projects.”

That would indeed hurt the fans and that is why Sean Cunningham is fighting for the character for his horror community. The director claimed in court that Miller was a “work for hire,” and according to applicable laws, all work of Friday the 13th is the property of Miller’s employer, Sean Cunningham and Horror, Inc. However, Miller did indeed at one point win the case. Cunningham decided to appeal and thus, we all thought that the two filmmakers would come to an agreement.

But they didn’t.

The last known hearing scheduled was on February 10, 2020. No new information has been announced just yet. The verdict is expected to flow through the eyes and ears of fans in June 2020.

Stay updated!

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