‘The Zodiac Killer:’ Is This Man His Son?

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The Zodiac Killer is the name of an unidentified serial killer who made his mark in the cities of Benicia, Vallejo, Napa County and San Francisco, California between December 1968 and October 1969. The killer claimed to have killed 37 people in his cryptic and taunting letters he sent to local newspapers. There were only seven victims confirmed: four men and three women. Two men survived his attempted murder. Throughout the years, many people have claimed to know the true identity of the killer. However, those claims were unsuccessful. Now, another man has stepped up, claiming to be the son of The Zodiac Killer.

Gary Stewart wrote the book: The Most Dangerous Animal Of All: Searching For My Father And Finding The Zodiac Killer. FX has actually taken the reigns into filming a four part true crime docuseries titled, “The Most Dangerous Animal Of All,” based on Gary Stewart’s written book. I watched the trailer for this docuseries and it literally gave me the chills. Can you imagine what this has done to Gary’s life? His family admitted that this mystery has consumed him and he won’t stop until it’s solved. Gary knows who the killer is: Earl Van Best, Jr., his biological father who died in 1984.

Image: CNN

Gary Stewart was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1962. He was abandoned at just a month old on the stairwell of a downtown Baton Rouge apartment building. He was later adopted into another family. When Gary turned 39, his birth mother, Judy, contacted him for the first time in his life. After her initial call, that is when Gary began to search for his biological father. His search concluded with a discovery that his father was The Zodiac Killer.

What began his initial belief into his father being the serial killer, was the infamous “Wanted” poster of a sketch. It was later confirmed to be his father’s 1962 mug shot for his rape of Gary’s mother. Gary’s son had mistakenly thought that the “Wanted” poster was in fact, Gary Stewart. Other evidence includes the comparing of the notes written by the killer and his father’s handwriting on a marriage certificate. Gary also claimed to have discovered his father’s initials in cryptograms inside of the taunting letters. The Zodiac Killer once told police, “If you crack the cipher, you’ll have my identity.”

The investigation into The Zodiac Killer, continues to be an open investigation to this day. The case was initially marked as “inactive” in April of 2004 but then it was re-opened sometime before March of 2007. Police cannot actively speak about the investigation since it has been re-opened. As for the four part docuseries, The Most Dangerous Animal Of All, it will initially premier on Friday, March 6, 2020 on FX. Check out the trailer for more information!

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