Tony Todd as ‘Candyman’

Image: Pinterest

Talented Actor in films such as: “Candyman,” “Final Destination 5,” and “Masters of Horror.”

Compelling performances, a strong work ethic and a fabulous actor who plays evil characters.

His characters are sinister, twisted and downright terrifying!

I remember seeing “Candyman” for the first time. For a long time, I would refuse to look in the mirror.

In the beginning after I first saw the film, I actually thought it was real and I would stand in front of the mirror and say Candyman three times. My heart would pound out of my chest. I scared the crap out of myself! Haha!

That’s what makes a Horror film successful. It is aimed to SCARE you! To make you believe something that is not real.

Tony Todd will forever be the first actor who scared the daylights out of me. I will forever be grateful of how extraordinary his acting abilities are and how strong he makes his characters believable. He is very believable and will always have that spark about him.

He knows how to play an evil character extremely well. The tone of his voice, the charisma of his stage presence, the extensive knowledge he has in acting and his fierce behavior in front of the camera.

Long live Candyman!

Check out an interview with Tony Todd discussing the reboot of “Candyman.”

Video: Youtube

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