A ‘Jason Voorhees’ Wannabe Chased People With A Hatchet

Image: Etsy

On February 28, a group of co-workers entered their own nightmare after finishing up their lunch during the daylight hours. According to Global News, a real-life “Jason Voorhees” terrorized these frightened individuals in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

In this crazy and outlandish situation, the victims felt as though they were inside of an 80’s slasher film. According to one of the employees, Greg Keller, he and his friends were walking back to their place of employment when they passed by the Lighthouse Supported Living Facility. That is when Greg noticed a man standing in front of the building, gripping a hatchet in his fist.

The group immediately became not only suspicious, but terrified of what they were watching in front of their own eyes. The group took off running but the weird and creepy maniac chased after them. With their hearts beating a mile a second, they continued to run in order to get away from him. What a scary moment!

According to Greg, the man must have gotten upset when a couple of the group members looked at him. The group was able to make it behind the courthouse and Greg called the police. When law enforcement arrived, they realized the Jason Voorhees wannabe had entered the supported living facility. Police officers found him hiding when they saw the hatchet lying on the ground.

No one was injured but Greg did admit that the scene was traumatizing to him. He might even have nightmares about it for an ongoing amount of time. As for the deranged, homicidal maniac, he is facing charges of “assault with a deadly weapon, carrying a weapon dangerous to the public peace and a breach of court order.”

Let’s hope he stays away and doesn’t chase any other innocent bystanders.

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