Netflix’s Hit Series, ‘Marianne,’ Has Been Cancelled After One Season

Image: IMDB

Author Stephen King as well as critics loved the hit French horror series, Marianne, and they have expressed their rave reviews; this unfortunately hasn’t stopped Netflix from cancelling the popular show after just one season.

Written and Directed by Samuel Bodin, the story follows Emma (Victoire Du Bois: From the Land of the Moon 2016), a young novelist who realizes that the characters that she’s creating in her horror novels are now entering the real world. This causes chaos and nightmares of the unknown.

Director Samuel Bodin stated in his Instagram post: “There won’t be a second season of Marianne. We are very sorry and sad about that. But we will see you in other stories.”

The show concluded with 8 episodes of horror and mayhem. The devastating news, however, can shine some kind of light on the situation as there may be some gleam of hope that another streaming service picks up the show. If enough fans show their support and outcry, who knows what may happen…

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