The Tour of ‘Stephen King’

Image: Bloody Disgusting

As a remembrance of Stephen King’s infamous novels and films, the real-life town of Derry, Maine (actually in Bangor, Maine), exists AND the Tinker family proudly takes part in handling the tour for fans world wide. The tour takes place where Stephen King actually worked and lived, where he got his inspiration from and a couple of the film locations where Pet Sematary (1989) and IT (1990) were filmed.

According to their website, you can take a tour to see 20 to 30 Stephen King sites in 3 hours. This information is like music to my ears. They even drive past his current residence! Maybe you might get lucky and see him outside with a coffee mug in his hand waving like Ben’s father did in the “Pond Scene” of the original IT (1990). Ha! That would be terrifying but quite funny at the same time.

“They All Float…”


They do 2 tours per day from March 1 to November. Special tours may be arranged between December and February.

You can check out their website at:


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