Celebrities Who Believe In The Paranormal

Image: Deviantart

Interestingly, more celebrities are coming out of the woodwork and admitting with absolute frightened minds that the “paranormal” is real. Some people might say, “Eh, not me. I don’t believe in ghosts.” Well, if you haven’t encountered something first hand, then of course you wouldn’t believe in it. Some people might have never experienced anything, but they believe in it. Others just don’t believe in that “hogwash” and that’s fine. But according to these celebrities, SOMETHING exists and they have revealed what they saw or experienced with their own eyes and bodies.

Matthew McConaughey

Image: Pinterest

Believe it or not, this heartthrob of an actor, Matthew McConaughey, who ladies (and gents) have loved for many years, has admitted to becoming a believer in the supernatural. According to an article in the The Odyssey Online, at one point, he shared a house with an entity named, “Madame Bleu.” Apparently she had become upset about McConaughey’s presence and roamed around a particular room of the house. According to the actor, when he had friends come over, they could feel HER presence and they refused to stay over. So, he told miss ole Madame that he wasn’t leaving and she was free to roam wherever she pleased. Needless to say, her whereabouts subsided and all became calm… for now. Bahahahahahahaha…..

Keanu Reeves

Image: Today/Pinterest

Just like McConaughey, this fan-favorite, John Wick actor, Keanu Reeves, experienced a paranormal incident that he remembers like it was yesterday. According to Insider, Reeves said that when he was six or seven years old, he was visiting New York with his family. With some sort of strange activity, the family watched wide-eyed in disbelief of what they were experiencing. An empty jacket appeared in their doorway of the building they were staying in. According to Reeves, the apparition didn’t have any legs, arms, head or torso. At first, he wasn’t sure if what he saw was real, but then he noticed the look on his nanny’s face, and THAT was when he knew something was there. That’s real freaky to me. I bet his nanny had nightmares.

Emma Stone

Image: Pinterest

Golden Globe Award-winning actress, Emma Stone, clearly believes in the supernatural as she has admitted to “feeling” as though her grandfather haunts her. During a live appearance six years ago on The Late Show With David Letterman, she recounted a sentimental story about her grandfather and her family’s tradition of collecting coins. According to the actress, she believes that her grandfather leaves quarters for her to find. She admitted to never meeting him, but she wouldn’t go into specific details about her belief. Let’s hope he watches over her and keeps her safe.

Bruce Campbell

Image: Pinterest

Good ole Bruce Campbell again… this “broomstick” yielding, Evil Dead fighter is a true believer in UFO’s. While he was a guest on Oddity Files podcast, he revealed that he had an encounter with an UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon). According to the actor, during a phone interview one day, he noticed a white orb hovering over the mountains from his office window. While he was watching this so called “UFO,” the lights in his foyer behind him, started to dim. Freaky you might say huh? Maybe he should’ve used “broomstick” to fight it off. He then claimed that when he turned around to look back at the orb, it was gone. Very interesting…

Post Malone

Image: Brandon Magnus

Now, here is an interesting story about rapper, Post Malone. Back in an episode that aired in January 2018, Malone was a guest star in Zak Bagans’s paranormal series, Ghost Adventures. The group entered The Slaughterhouse in Tuscon, Arizona. A building that is considered to be one of the most terrifying haunted attractions in the country.

Post Malone stated, “I’m terrified, man,” after he arrived at the site.

During the episode, one of the spirits were asked about what they knew about Post Malone. Allegedly, the spirit replied, “Dirty” and “Afraid.” After being insulted, Malone felt shaky and was sweating profusely. Being inside of that building certainly shook him to the core. Let’s hope that he can move on from it.


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