Horror Stars Who Have Done Theater

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Some horror celebrities have not only paved their way onto the big screen, but they’ve also taken a giant step in performing on stage for theater. It’s fascinating to see such prominent horror film actors show a much different, maybe even calmer, skill and talent. It’s not easy being on stage, but these fan-favorite horror stars appeared in front of a live audience:

Robert Englund

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Playing the role of Freddy Krueger in the horror franchise, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Robert Englund is actually a trained Shakespearean who was cast in Two Gentlemen of Verona and as Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet. He was also cast as an understudy in the play, Othello. Kind of hard to picture “knives as fingers” on stage with a crowd of onlookers. Ha! What a hoot!

Tony Todd

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It’s truly welcoming to know that Candyman is actually an experienced theater actor. Maybe Tony Todd appeared on stage when some unlucky fool repeated “Candyman” three times. Ha! “The theater darkens as Candyman makes his way swiftly across the stage to grasp someone in his gentle hands.” How calming and soothing.

Todd portrayed Johnny Williams in the revival of the 1969 play, No Place To Be Somebody. He’s also acted in Zooman and the Sign and August Wilson’s play, Fences and Black Odyssey. That didn’t stop him there however, from 1999 to 2000, he portrayed the lead role in King Hedley II and in 2017, he starred in Sunset baby.

Kathy Bates

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It’s always good to see an iconic horror actress make her mark on stage for theater viewers. Fan-favorite, Kathy Bates, has shown her incredible skill and talent with portraying crazy and deranged psychopaths who tries to murder people over a written novel. She started performing on Broadway in 1975 and portrayed a waitress in the play, Frankie and Johnny. She also starred in a production called, Night,’ Mother, as Jessie Cates. The play was later made into a feature film starring Sissy Spacek.

Christopher Walken

Image: Pinterest

Christopher Walken is no stranger to acting as creepy characters but it is fascinating to know that he once took dance lessons to become a background dancer for Burlesque performer, Monique van Vooren. He starred as King Philip of France in the play, The Lion In Winter. He performed in Shakespeare plays such as: The Merchant of Venice and The Tempest. He even went on tour to play the part of Gabriel Conroy in the hit play, The Dead. In 2014, he played Captain Hook in NBC’s Live Televised Production of Peter Pan.

Sarah Paulson

Image: Twitter/Pinterest

American Horror Story fan-favorite (who also shared the on-screen hit series with Kathy Bates), Sarah Paulson, is also no stranger to Broadway performances. She played a part in productions such as: Talley’s Folly, Tennessee Williams’ hit production, The Glass Menagerie and a play called, Crimes of the Heart. BUT she will always be one of the queen of horrors brightening our screens with her infectious smile.

Bruce Campbell

Image: Pinterest

Surprisingly, the Evil Dead actor, Bruce Campbell, was a performer in local theater productions fresh out of high school; immediately apprenticing at Cherry County Playhouse in Detroit, Michigan. At the St. Dunstan’s Theatre Guild, he performed classical musicals such as: The King and I and South Pacific. I bet Ash Williams would step onto the stage waiting for the next kill. Ha!

These actors have lead amazing performances and will continue to do so until they are ready to call it quits. Let’s hope it’s not any time soon.

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