Human Tongues Found In Jars Under A FL Home

Image: Etsy

A tale of jar-infested tongues. Kind of creepy and gross. That’s what community members and law enforcement officers thought when jars of severed tongues were found underneath a home in Gainesville, FL last month. Six gallon-sized jars full of human tongues were hidden in a crawlspace and was found by a home inspector.

BUT, according to the Washington Post, they were not stored by a serial killer, but by an oral pathologist who was conducting a research project at the University of Florida. Professor Emeritus, Robert A. Baughman, told police that he preserved the tongues in order to study thyroid conditions. When he became employed by the university, he had the tongues transported from states such as Illinois, Indiana and Virginia, to his Florida home.

At the time of the collection in the 1960’s, there were no rules and regulations against a pathologist for keeping research samples in their own homes. Obviously since things have changed since then, it is against policy to keep such items in someone’s own residence.

The professor claims that he and his wife went through a divorce and he moved out, forgetting all about the deranged tongues. The ex-wife, who still currently owns their former home, corroborates his story but police have sent the tongues to a medical examiner’s office to verify identity and to prove that they were in indeed for research.

Gross, but I wonder what they look like?


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