Bermuda Triangle Ghost Ship Discovered in St. Augustine, FL

Image: Transformation Coaching

In 1925, the SS Cotopaxi set off from South Carolina to make way for Havana. Unfortunately, it’s been 95 years since the ship vanished into the Bermuda Triangle with a 32 men crew aboard. Since it’s disappearance, the ship has become a legend; people claiming that it has returned, empty and intact, floating off the coast of Cuba.

Interestingly enough, explorers claim to have discovered the wreck off the coast of St. Augustine, FL. Michael Barnette, a researcher and diver who helped find the discovery, made a statement: “It was incredibly exciting. I’ve done a countless number of shipwreck dives but this one truly stood out. There were several elements that confirmed the identity such as the dimensions of the ship, its length and the measurement of the boiler. Also, I looked at the general orientation of the machinery. It was all consistent with the information we knew about the Cotopaxi.”

Barnette also claims that back in December of 1925, he and his team discovered a distress call sent by the SS Cotopaxi. He decided to map out the signal’s coordinates and discovered Bear Wreck, an area that was previously discovered 35 years ago. As ship was found but it was never identified.

That ship is the SS Cotopaxi. So, it looks like it did not vanish into the Bermuda Triangle.

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