Recap: ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 10 Episode 12, “Walk With Us.”

Image: Medium/AMC

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t watched last night’s episode, then I am giving some advice to you and I am saying, “Don’t read this! Go watch the episode first please!” (Just a precaution)

In light of the Coronavirus outbreak, Talking Dead was not on after last night’s episode of The Walking Dead titled, “Walk With Us.” It would’ve been nice to see the “special guest” who was to make their presence known on Talking Dead last night. BUT, let’s hope that the people who lost their lives, show up on an episode down the road.

I just want to say, I exploded with happiness and anxiety at the same time after watching the ending of the episode. Let’s step back for a moment and talk through the step-by-step actions of each character. This episode was truly “action-packed” and one of the best episodes that showrunner, Angela Kang, has written. In all honesty, it hit me like a ton of bricks but I feel sort of deceived (in a good way though).

So, let’s start at the beginning. The episode opened with the continuation of the Hilltop on fire. Alpha (Samantha Morton) and her minions (including Negan – Jeffrey Dean Morgan), torched the place and released the horde of walkers. They splattered the Hilltop gang with the sticky substance of sap, in order to prevent them from fighting back properly (what a bitch move).

Image: Comic Book

The fight didn’t last long to be honest but that’s okay because other anxiety-inducing actions took place right after. It was revealed that Earl (John Finn), had taken the children into safety into a building at the Hilltop. Ezekiel (Khary Payton), was to take the children to their “rendezvous” spot in case of emergencies but he was nowhere to be found. Everyone had split up at this point and were making their way toward a secluded shack in the woods.

Meanwhile, Judith (Cailey Fleming), had found Earl ready to slice his own brain apart because he had been bitten sometime during the fight. He tried to kill himself but the spike didn’t quite make it through his whole entire brain. So, Judith had to step up and protect the other children by killing walker Earl. She really is a little ass kicker.

In the woods, Yumiko (Eleanor Matsuura), was stuck with Carol (Melissa McBride), Eugene (Josh McDermitt and her girlfriend but then ex-girlfriend, Magna (Nadia Hilker). Magna had been spotted at Hilltop among the walkers by Yumiko. She was all bloody and beat up pretty bad. She told Yumiko that she had lost Connie (Lauren Ridloff), in the walker horde. Connie’s presence is currently unknown and no one knows if she’s dead or alive.

Image: YouTube

Eugene was quite upset about his destroyed radio and Carol told him to leave if he wanted to pursue his new woman. That will be incredibly sad if he dips out on them all. He doesn’t even know this mysterious “Stephanie” that he’s been smooching with on the radio. More power to him, stay safe Eugene!

Things switched gears however, when Carol was desperately trying to get to their rendezvous spot “before dark.” This didn’t settle well Yumiko because she claimed that Carol was going to leave them and didn’t care. Yumiko punched Carol right in the kisser. I guess Carol deserved it if you think about it. It IS her fault that Magna and Connie collapsed inside of the cave. All well that ends well. Yumiko’s right hook actually upset Magna, forcing her to break-up with her.

Continuing on, Mary (Thora Birch), turned Whisperer to the good guys, roamed the woods with Alden (Callan McAuliffe) and Kelly (Angel Theory). While arguing over who should hold Mary’s nephew, they came across a small horde. Alden and Kelly jumped inside of a broken-down vehicle with the baby. Mary became the new hero as she closed the door to the van and killed all of the walkers like a pro. This sacrifice however, is what got her killed by the hands of Beta (Ryan Hurst). Bumping into him, she ripped his mask in half as he sliced her insides. A nearby Whisperer saw Beta’s true face saying along the lines, “I knew I recognized your voice. It is you.” Well, that abruptly ended his life as Beta killed him as well. Hmmmmm… wonder who Beta really is?

Image: Skybound Entertainment

On another note, Aaron (Ross Marquand), was dragging a hurt Luke (Dan Fogler) when he came across good ole Negan. Aaron certainly wanted to kill Negan, yelling at him, but he spared his life as walkers zoomed in on him and Luke. Negan ran away, spotting Lydia (Cassady McClincy), limping through the woods by herself. He kidnapped her.

Meanwhile, Daryl (Norman Reedus), Rosita (Christian Serratos), Jerry (Cooper Andrews) and his wife, found a hidden Ezekiel on the ground. He led the group to Earl and the kids. A happy reunion but devastating as Daryl found Judith sitting on the floor with her bloody weapon and a dead walker Earl lying next to her. That poor girl has been through so much.

But the anxiety of the episode escalates once we see Negan and Alpha having a sentimental moment kissing and talking. Alpha is adamant that this is the time to kill her own daughter. She has to because she “loves her.” It was all set up for Negan to kidnap Lydia in order for Alpha to handle her (probably because she saved Daryl in a previous episode and left Alpha to pass out). Lydia was waiting while tied up to a chair in another secluded shack in the woods. Frantically, she untied the knots to her wrists and ankles.

Image: USA News

In the meantime, Negan and Alpha make their way to the secluded shack with Lydia inside. Or is she? This is where the anxiety-inducing scene makes your heart pound a million miles a minute. Alpha makes her way to the door. Lydia unties herself and places her hand on the knob of the front door of the shack. She opens it and steps out to nothing. Alpha opens the door to an empty shack. This is a classic, Silence of the Lambs, type scene! Confused, she turns to Negan, who then slices her throat. The adrenaline rush pounds through your veins now knowing that Negan did in fact, turn on Alpha and was NOT on her side at all.

But then, Negan carries Alpha’s head inside of a burlap sack and dumps it onto the ground. Alpha’s head rolls in front of someone’s feet. Take a breath, it was CAROL!!! Carol then says to Negan, “Took you long enough.” Then he smiles that devilish Negan grin.

Holy shit! These two have been in cahoots! How long? This is why I feel deceived! The whole time throughout Negan’s entrance into the show, Carol and Negan NEVER met, like EVER. But apparently during THIS season, they did! Carol devised a plan for Negan to weasel his way into the heart of Alpha and kill her when she least expects it! Boom! Carol drops the mic!



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