20 Years Of ‘Final Destination’

Image: Cultured Vultures

Today is not only a celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, but today also marks the 20th anniversary of the horror film, Final Destination (2000). The tale of the antagonist of Death has succumbed to the notion that you cannot escape from its’ dark forces. Realizing that these “bizarre accidents” and “premonitions” are truly surreal, fans of the film can contemplate on what will happen to these “escapees” like a clock ticking on every second that passes by. It’s dramatic as it pushes to its’ limit on the exposure of Death’s plan. You cannot change Death’s plan.

But unfortunately, Death’s enemy and master manipulator, high school student, Alex Browning (Devon Sawa), consequently designed and found his own way into cheating Death’s plan. However, this doesn’t make Death stupid, it makes it more creative. It makes Death even more disruptive toward the lives of all survivors. It makes it hungry for more. It makes Browning’s dedication to help saving his fellow classmates….. just not enough. It wasn’t enough for the coming action to take place as they celebrated their lives from the airplane crash. They made it to Paris six months later, but Death once again, created its’ own “design.”

Image: Horror News

The horror in the eyes of everyone who died. It’s like a stone wall with a waterfall of tears. When they thought they escaped their impending doom, BOOM, life ended in unexpected ways. You can’t expect to leave Death’s open door and walk away unscathed. After all, as soon as they boarded that plane to Paris, Death knew they were never going to make it. Well, some were unbelievably saved by Browning’s weird “feelings” and a dream that he had right before the plane was to take off.

Did this course of action make Death angry? It most certainly did as everyone on that plane was supposed to die. Good ole Browning saved the day. Or did he? Not really, because each character ended up dying through their own individual plan, including Browning.

This horror spin on life or death includes an incredible cast: Kerr Smith as Carter Horton, Seann William Scott as Billy Hitchcock, Ali Larter as Clear Rivers, Kristen Cloke as Valerie Lewton, Amanda Detmer as Terry Chaney and Chad Donella as Tod Waggner. Each character dies one by one (with the exception of Clear Rivers – she continues her part into the second installment), and no one could save any of them. Death had finally taken the reins and evil prevailed.

Image: The Inquisitr

Evil did prevail and this is what makes this film so suspenseful. When you think all is not lost, the hands of Death rips the rug right out from underneath their feet. Have you ever thought of how you would escape Death in this situation? I’m sure using your imagination still wouldn’t get you far. When Death wants you, it will have you. And that is particularly clear in this film. As a horror fanatic, you also have to use your mind in psychological thoughts and plans.

Make your own plan…. just make sure Death doesn’t have a chance to change it.


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